Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Fun

This is my great friend, Fenny. Fenny is a secretary here at the school and teaches a grammar class. She just graduated from a school in Taipei and I don't know what I would do without her. She is so willing to help me any time I need it. Her and Gloria will often write me a note so I can take it with and order something to eat or I will just hand the note to the lady at the bakery store so I can figure out what white package is powdered sugar! I can just see the note now... "Please help my dumb American friend...." Just kidding, they are too nice to do that!

We got up early Saturday morning and went on a beautiful hike(It is much better now that I have a scooter and can drive up to the trail instead of being exhausted by the time I get to the trail). It was a lush and green and I got to see some HUMONGOUS spiders just feet away from my face. These things are as big as my hands, or bigger! It is so cool to watch them move on their web.

After our hike we found a new breakfast shop that was great and then headed out to a water park. It was SO nice to be wet from being in a pool (instead of rain or sweat). This water park is much like 7 Peaks so we enjoyed the slides and relaxing in the Lazy River. Unfortunately, I still didn't get any sun. I think this is the whitest I have EVER been in August. It is so funny because here in Taiwan the girls want to be as pail as possible. They wear jackets outside in the insane heat just to protect their arms. They even use skin bleaching lotions, weird ha! Some of my friends can't figure out why I want to be tan, so funny.