Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Joys Of Summer

Camping 2009!
I can't believe it actully happened, but all 10 of us got together and went camping. We stayed at Mill Hollow Camp Ground in the Uinta Mountains. We had every one there expect Man, Matt and Heather... We missed you guys! We had a great time eating lots of food, going for rides on the lake, playing awesome games provided by Shandi, table dancing, sitting around the fire, and hiking. We even tie-dyed shirts :) Shandi and I are modeling them for you in this picture...
Here we are playing in the Provo Falls waterfall. What a great day of hiking to Lofty Lake and playing in the water. It's beautiful up here!
Just hanging out around the fire. Does life get any better? Great friends, beautiful surroundings, and a tin foil dinner in the fire.

Provo Falls
Me,Shandi, Erika, and Laura

Shandi and I spent the day up in Tony's Grove in Logan Canyon. Heaven! It was so beautiful. on the way up we were wondering how people stock fish in ponds. We came up with all kinds of crazy ideas. As we were eating our lunch on a rock guess what happened? A truck backed up to the water and fish plopped out! They were stocking the lake right in front of us! We laughed so hard. Isn't this a cool picture? My hair is awesome :)Needing to mark things off of our list, Mike and I headed up Timpanogos Canyon and took the "Caving Class". We got to wear cool helmets and climb where most people don't get to go. It was sweet! Mike and I can make it up the mountain in about 20 minutes, try keeping up with us... I dare you.

Tuttle Family Reunion
Mark and Kristen had us over to their house for a "Pool Party" We spent so much time in the water and had so much fun doing races, sliding down the slide, and splashing each other. One of my favorite moments was when the boys were all laying on tubes in the water and the girls were playing volleyball. All the girls jumped in and splashed the boys. Ha! We all left a little sunburned, but we had a great time together as we always do.
Glow stick power! We had a little bit of fun with the glow sticks. Even Heather and I joined in the fun. Yep, we are cool!


Melissa B said...

Hello stranger! I have not seen you for so long!! I am sad I missed the reunion, but I was told it was thurs/fri and so we planned to come thursday! dang I was so up set! I sure have missed you, we need to get together sometime! Congrats on the new job! Can you view my blog, if not I will send you an invite, but I am not sure I have your e-mail address anymore so e-mail me and I will send you an invite! You have to see my cute little Meg she is getting so big!